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Cats, like humans, can also be allergic to certain foods. It is important to pay close attention to what exactly is in the food you buy for your cat. The most common food products that set off a cat’s allergies are grains and dairy products. Other things a cat may potentially be allergic to, though these allergies are not as common, are meats, dyes, preservatives, and many different additives. These things can also be found in a cats treats as well as its food. Cats do not necessarily show these allergies when you first get them, but they can appear at any time in a cat’s life.

To sooth dry skin that may cause itching, make sure you keep your pet’s skin moisturized. This can be done two ways. You can spray your pet with a moisturizer or you can give them a bath by filling it with a gallon of water and putting one tablespoon of an oil moisturizer like Keri Oil in the water. Another way to soothe the itching is to make sure you keep the grass mowed and the yard racked to prevent a multitude of insects from congregating in your yard and on your pet. You can also soothe the itching by giving your pet over the counter treatment like Benadryl. Make sure you contact your vet to find out how much you need to give your pet. Most vets recommend giving one to three mgs of the medication for every pound of pet.

If no other reason for the problem can be found, it is time to look for food allergies. Changing to a premium or home-made dog food can usually make a big difference in a short time. Often simply adding raw meat to the diet is enough to see an improvement.

Michael Jackson has been an icon since he was a child and an inspiration to all of us. He started out in the Jackson Five and skyrocketed his career from there with his amazing dance and song and his own choreography. Jackson won thirteen grammy’s and created the well known “Thriller”. Even after the pepsi accident in 1984 where fireworks lit Jackson’s hair on fire causing hair loss skin damage, he continued to perservere and inspire the world with his talent.

Most of the brands out there are making hollow claims. All such ‘hair rejuvenating’ shampoos hardly contain any hair growth inducers, and none were ever proven to be helpful in gaining fuller looking hair. How effective they are, in dealing with different kinds of hair thinning causes, becomes clear in the space of a month. In such a scenario, how do you find out why your shampoo is not helping? You could begin by being aware of all the reasons that cause hair thinning in women and also, if you too, are suffering from any of them.

At the height of his career, Jackson was taken down by the accusations of child molestation. Although he was aquitted of all charges, his reputation was forever damaged. Now, obviously, we weren’t there so we do not really know what happened, but i do know that people that are famous and have money are usually the target for such scandels. The media sometimes does a wonderful job of putting labels on people and taking their innocence away. Michael may very well be one of those people. Or he may not have been. Most of us will never know.

Dracula but rather a tiny little arthropod related to spiders and mites, commonly known as the tick. Ticks are bloodsucking creatures that can transmit serious diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Powassan encephalitis. Young ticks will attach to small animals and be dispersed by them. Nymphs and adults will climb onto grasses, shrubs and other plants, perched sometimes for months waiting for you and Spot to walk down their trail so they can latch onto to a larger host. Once they are on, it can take up to six hours for the tick to attach itself and up to ten days to become fully engorged in blood. Yuk. Maine is host to the deer tick, the American dog tick and on rare occasion the brown dog tick.