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If no other reason for the problem can be found, it is time to look for food allergies. Changing to a premium or home-made dog food can usually make a big difference in a short time. Often simply adding raw meat to the diet is enough to see an improvement.

Zinc, found in foods rich in protein is an excellent skin healer. Foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, pumpkin seeds, brown rice, whole wheat, etc are excellent sources of zinc. Beans, almonds, sesame seeds are other good sources of zinc, and must be consumed regularly for a faster recovery.

Food allergies are the most common and your four legged friend might suffer from then at some stage of his or her life. This allergy is mainly caused due to dog food which includes beef, corn, dairy products, soy, chicken and eggs. If your beloved friend is suffering from this allergy then the symptoms would include excessive itching, redness of the skin, hot spots and hair loss. To cure your dog you must take them to your veterinarian and you must also change their dog food.

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