Why Stress Can Make You Fat And Ruin Your Looks

If no other reason for the problem can be found, it is time to look for food allergies. Changing to a premium or home-made dog food can usually make a big difference in a short time. Often simply adding raw meat to the diet is enough to see an improvement.

There are many things that can cause hair loss skin such as pregnancy, illness and certain medications. There are now shampoos that can help reduce this problem. They not only help with hair re-growth but can also strengthen your remaining hair and promote a healthy scalp too. The way it works is by reducing the build up of Sebum around the follicle. In turn this also reduces itchiness and flaky scalps.

So are there any indications that we can look out for in order to catch thinning hair loss before it gets to late? Early enough to do something to reverse it perhaps?

So what do I mean? Well you see most of us lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. This is quite normal. It’s just our body regenerating. A similar process happens with skin and even bone. By keeping an eye on your hair brush or comb you will be able to monitor how many strands of hair you lose.

Some shampoos and conditioners now contain biotin. Yet, their effectiveness is not known. Yet, most evidence shows that biotin is not absorbed well through the skin.

2 Mist your hair evenly with the curl activator spray. If your curl activator is in the form of a gel, squirt a nickel-sized dollop in your hand and rub your palms together to warm the gel. Rub it throughout your hair, concentrating on the middle to bottom part of your hair where the curl tends to fall limp.

2)Take lemon juice & mustard oil in equal quantity. Massage it into your hair with finger tips. After 1/2 an hour wash off with shampoo. It will remove dandruff.